Monday, June 6, 2011

The Love of My Life

There are several reasons that I am sharing this story today. One is because "Mitten-Stater" suggested it (she already knows it and thought I should share it more widely) and because today is an anniversary.

Back in the late 1970's my friend Cindy and I had taken a road trip to Lake Placid, NY. We spent a week touring the mountains and went to the Olympic site (pre-renovation for the 1980 Olympics) and had a great time. Cindy was either engaged or pretty serious about Ron, who became her husband. I was foot loose and fancy free.

To make a long story slightly shorter, I returned Cindy to her parents' home and started back to my home. Part way back I realized that I had forgotten to check my oil before the trip. So I pulled into Longway's Truck Stop near Watertown, NY, to do so. I pulled in between two big rigs and popped the hood on my little yellow Buick. As I was under the hood, a man came over and said "Do you know what you're doing?" And, bold as brass, I responded, "Yes, quite frankly, I do!" Not deterred, this gentleman struck up a conversation which extended to several hours. At the end of our time together, he asked for my phone number and said he would call me. I figured that was the last I would ever hear of him. Imagine my surprise when he called me that night...and the next night...and every night for over 25 years. We dated long distance for almost two years before we were married. I can honestly say that my heart raced whenever I saw him--and that happened all through our marriage.

I rode in the truck with him for over a year--visiting 44 of the 48 contiguous states. For quite a while we hauled yachts all over the country. I have seen him put an over-wide boat into an alley with only inches to spare on each side, backing in from a narrow roadway with traffic coming both ways. Just amazing. A kind and generous man who loved me with all his heart.

This memory is especially poignant today; he's been gone seven years today. He was the one who encouraged me to follow my quilting dreams and made my life special in so many ways. I miss him every day.

Thanks for listening....



  1. Sharon, Thanks so much for sharing your personal story with all of us. That's really special and very touching. It brought tears to my eyes. Hugs, Jay

  2. Oh Sharon such a happy story!!!!!! Thank you for sharing you memory of this wonderful man....brought some tears to my eyes while I was reading...He will always be with you.....Maria

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story. It's told with warmth and affection. You've never been heart separated and it will ever be so. Bodies come and go, spirit and heart last forever. Bless your heart--as we say where I come from!

  4. I just LOVE that story =) How special a person he must have been. I, too, shed more than a few tears because your marriage and love for each other was truly a thing of beauty and heart warming to the core. While he may be gone in body, he will always be with you because you carry his warmth and spirit in your heart.

    **BIG HUGS**


  5. Wonderful words for such a wonderful love story. I was so fortunate to look at this today. Not that I am not looking everyday..... You were blessed and gave so much to us in writing about that part of your life.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I too had tears in my eyes as I was reading this. You must have had a truly wonderful life with him.

  7. Thank you for sharing. I was touched!


  8. What a wonderful love story! And he is smiling down at you and proud at how successful you are and that you have followed your dreams.

    Mary Ann

  9. I lost my husband nearly 7 years ago. Time does not change what love has built. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Beautiful story, Sharon... so glad you had the chance to have him in your life.

  11. Thank you for is precious and not to be taken for granted. We are blessed in many ways when we love and are loved. I am glad you had each other.


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