Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monkey Business

Nothing beats a quick baby gift for just pure piecing joy. The baby in question was actually born in March, and I did have the top pieced before that. intervened and it was just Tuesday when I finished and gifted this.

Made from flannels, Mountain Mist batting and tied with pearl cotton. Hard to see in the pics, but the "not monkey" fabric is a pale white and yellow stripe. I like to tie to the back so that the top is not as busy. You can see the ties at the top of the picture. Monkey fabric was the backing.

Here's Callie --aka "Inspector 12"--making sure I did a good job.

And, to complete the gift, the book Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. It's a fun book--even for adults!

So there you have it--another finish. I actually have two more finishes which I will share soon. And I am working on a little something for my best friend, who is soon to be a first-time grandma. I cut the top tonight and have about 1/3 of the blocks pieced and on the design wall with the alternate plain blocks. I think it will be really cute--okay, no bias there!

Spent most of the day working in the yard. Did some mowing, trim mowing, weeding and weedeating. Didn't get finished because it started to rain, and I bent the blade on my trim mower. Bummer...especially since I didn't hit anything hard that would have caused it. Dee dee dee dee!

That's all for this time. Are you remembering how special you all are?



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