Saturday, June 25, 2011


The reveal. Several months ago I showed you a stack of fabrics; then I revealed small details about what I was doing with it. Well, the quilt has been delivered and I can now show you what resulted.

This will be a surprise for several of you who thought it had something to do with shoes, as in someone wearing them. One of the previous posts had a detail of the "e", which sort of resembled the toe of a shoe. Even Rose thought it would be a witch wearing red shoes!

The lettering was transferred to the red fabric and then basted to the cream. Each letter was then appliqued using a cutaway technique. (The lettering is from A Quilter's Alphabet by Anita Shackelford, Here's a detail.

The lettering was outlined, then the background filled with a 1/2 inch grid. The borders have two gentle wavy lines. The witch fabric was the one I had to order and wait for!

And here is the label. Rose received the quilt on Friday, along with an assortment of believe-related items. She thought it was worth the wait. You can read her comments on the last post.

So that's the scoop for today. I did try to post this last night, but Blogger refused to accept my pictures. This morning it was no problem. Go figure.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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