Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Baltimore Style, Part 2

And now...the rest of the story!

Here's Sharon G's bright and beautiful quilt--the top row, anyway! Oranges, and blues with a setting fabric that is light and airy and perfectly complements the applique. Fabulous, Sharon!

Judy D. used a variety of reds and greens with blue vases for her masterpiece. Judy is new to applique and took this class with her friend, Susan, who couldn't attend the setting class because her daughter was sick. We missed you, Susan. But Judy did a wonderful job and is now considering adding a large border to perfectly frame this beauty. Great job, Judy!

Beth was one seam from having her top all together when she ran out of bobbin thread! So she decided to call it a day. Her choice of corals and cool greens gave an entirely different feel to this quilt. Meticulous work, great fabrics--that's Beth to a tee!

Judy E. also chose an unusual palette that was very successful. The brown sashing helped carry through what I think of as a very organic, serene feel. A lovely lady...a lovely quilt. You go, Judy!

And last, but not least. Gale worked very hard to get her top finished in class. Her background is more of a homespun and her fabric choices were inspired. Check out the great batik she used for the cutwork blocks. It added so much interest to those blocks. Fantastic job, Gale!

As you can see, this is one talented group of ladies. Deb L. finished her top a few weeks ago and is adding an appliqued border around it. When she is a bit further, I will include her picture here. And, in case you wondered, I BEGGED these ladies to show their faces. You can see how much luck I had with that. So most will be known forever more as Kilroy.

What a thrill to have spent the last ten months with these women. It was truly my pleasure.

It's a bit cooler tonight, so maybe it will be better sleeping weather. I won't say no to that!




  1. So fabulous! My favorite is Sharon - no Judy - no the other Judy - all of them!!!

    And, true confessions, I have one of these in my UFO pile - let me go get that right out and finish it!!!

    Thanks for showing these - wonderful color combinations...

  2. These are so beautiful it makes me want to throw mine out and start over! I do have 2 blocks to go and hope when I eventually choose sashing, cornerstones and borders that it will be as beautiful as all these are!



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