Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Industrial To-Go Container

Yes, it's too big for a bag--it must go into a giant container! This is the 5.8 qt. Lock n Lock filled to the brim. I carry this to every hand class, and sometimes to others as well.

Here we see it fully loaded.

All the contents are now out of the box and on my cutting board. A pretty impressive array, eh? The smaller containers make it easy to find just what I want.

Here's how it breaks down. The hand sewing kit has two kinds of needles, pins and cushion, extra pins in a box, an extra thimble, a bulldog clip (just in case?), thread, a seam ripper, scissors, Thread Heaven, a used needle case, and a couple pieces of pink felt (just because).

A slightly smaller box has seven spools of 50 wt. Mettler thread. Shades of gray, taupe and a navy. I can add others as needed.

I have two small cutting boards that fit in the bottom of the bigger box (handy for rotary cutting for hand pieced blocks), big scissors, a 1 x 12 inch rotary ruler, two 1 x 12 inch C-Thru rulers for tracing and drafting, and a rotary cutter in a chile pepper case (a gift from a student).

The marking box: Tons of markers--Pigma pens, mechanical colored pencils, Sewline, mechanical pencils, extra leads, and two pairs of paper scissors. (Remember, not all markers are used in all instances.)

I have an extra rotary blade, as well as a container full of ultra fine Sharpie markers, with overflow markers rubberbanded together. The lovely piece at the bottom of the picture is of a needle case made for me by another student. (Have I mentioned how lucky I am?)

I also carry a 7.5 inch square ruler, two circle templates and the bag at the upper right is full of 1/2 inch spacers for hand piecing.

Wow! That's a lot for such a small container! I know that a couple times I have forgotten it and am absolutely lost without it. Because I only have one industrial size to-go container, I have to transfer it from one class bag to another as needed.

I realized a couple days ago that I had never finished the to-go series--so now you know the rest of the story!

Part of today was spent basting for classes and also a piece I had pin basted several months ago. And this evening I took my hand saw and loppers to two rather overgrown bushes in the yard. I know I heard each of the bushes breathe a sigh of relief to have so much weight off them.

That's it until tomorrow!



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  1. Sharon - hi - please explain the half inch spacers - what are they made of and how do you use them? I have been wanting some half inch tape to use for hand quilting, but haven't found any - obviously you have a secret technique... thanks, Kathleen


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