Saturday, September 3, 2011

An Adventure

Okay, this was a big step for me but I think most of you will be rolling your eyes wondering what the fuss was about--just sayin'.

In all the years I have been going to Lake George for retreats, I have never touched the water. I like being on the water and near the water but not IN the water. With Eleanor Roosevelt's voice in my head urging me to do something everyday that scares me, I decided this was the year. For those of you who remember the early days when I wore dresses, slips, stockings and really good shoes, these images may be shocking!

As the years have gone by I have become less formal in dress for retreat. Last year I was down to shorts and skirts (plus shirts!) and joked about next year maybe sandals! Well, I was as close as I probably will get. Just before retreat I got a pair of fake crocs with horsehead cutouts--in candy cane pink, no less. Perfect shoes for touching the water.

After lunch one day, I came back to the classroom wearing shorts, shirt and pink clogs. Today was the day. (If I look fat in the following pictures, it is because there were four cameras on me--and we all know that each camera adds 10 pounds!) These pics are courtesy of Cindy--she did a great job!

These are the stairs going down from the porch to the water. (Please remember that I had visions of losing my footing and landing in the water with a giant splash--did I say I don't swim?)

Death grip on the railing--on both sides! Not quite in the water.

In the water, still with death grip on railing and being brave enough to kick out one foot. (Yes, in my mind's eye I could see the clog flying off into the deeper part of the water!)

I did go down one more step than what you see...and a big wave came in! Still death grip on the railings.

Even scarier was turning around to get out! I had to let go of both railings at the same time! But I managed to climb the stairs and get the water out of my clogs! Mission accomplished!

The ladies at the retreat were so much fun with this...I can't thank them enough. We did silly, crazy things this year and had a wonderful time. And I can say I survived Lake George!

By now you are either asleep or rolling your eyes at such a display of stupidity or rolling on the floor laughing at how this could be scary at all. So my purpose as entertainment or a sleeping aid has been successful! Thanks for letting me share.

Tomorrow is a quilting post--thump--was that you hitting the floor from shock? You'll like what you see!



P.S. I am listening to Everlasting by Iris Johansen.


  1. Congrats!!!!! on conquering our fear, since I too am afraid of water!
    Great job! Maria

  2. Congrats! I understand completely as I have a great fear of water and kids say I was on the Titanic!!

  3. Good for you, Sharon!



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