Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Low and More Retreat Pics

Okay, even I am embarrassed! Three posts in all of August? That's the fewest number of posts in all three plus years of blogging! I'll try to do better in September.

These are the "wrap-up" pictures from the retreat.

First, three ladies who braved the most intricate of the four designs. Gale, Sandy and Nancy.

Sharon G, Cindy, Gale, Sandy and Nancy. Cindy worked on the hardest design for all three days, Sharon G worked on the nine hearts for the three days, and Gale, Sandy, and Nancy completed the nine hearts project before starting the hardest one! It's fun to see what designs are chosen and how fabric choices make them look so different. Great job, ladies!

And the last hurrah. We had a wonderful time, even taking time to "porch" and, of course, enjoy the Thursday night fireworks from the boat dock. It all goes by so fast.

Several of us took a boat tour on Sunday morning, actually cruising on the Minne-Ha-Ha, the tour boat that comes in close to our classroom several times a day. It was fun to see things from the lake side!

First, this is a view of Fuller (on the right) and Mayflower Cottage (on the left), and a tiny bit of Rose Cottage just behind Mayflower.

And this is the House of Trix--the classroom! There is a small waterfall behind the building, so water actually runs right under the building. Having taken the ride on the lake, we will make even more of an effort to race to the porch to wave when the boat passes!

We did a bit of shopping and eating near the docks, and then it was the mad dash for home. The time is always too short, but we make the most of every minute.

Next post will be a water adventure featuring yours truly. Stay tuned!



P.S. I finished listening to Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson and Timeline by Michael Crichton.

P.P.S. Traci, the thread color is Mettler 823 in 50 wt.

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