Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Day!

Saturday started with a drive to Montrose, PA, where I was honored to be the guest speaker at a quilting day sponsored by A Stitch in Time Quilt Guild.  Almost 150 women met for a day of quilting, food, fun, and laughter.  My friend Maria was head honcho for this event and what a great job she did!

Sue S. from New York State had her finished Dresden Plate quilt completely done.  The border fabric was what she started with.  

Here's a detail of the center plate and a bit of the quilting.  Sue also had a finished Stained Glass Tulip quilt, but my camera was out of reach.  Trust me when I say it was beautiful--and hand quilted, too!

After all the festivities, Maria, Kathryn, Evelyn and Bonnie took me to Endless Mountains Quiltworks in Tunkhannock, PA (  The shop is one of AP&Q's Top Quilt Shops and is absolutely delightful.  The owner, Jeannette Kitlan, couldn't have been nicer or more welcoming.  I found some treasures which I will share in another post.

On my way home I came across two viaducts.  Here are pics of one (the smaller).  This is on route 11 in PA and is just a structural wonder!  It is wide enough to accommodate two trains running on parallel tracks.  

To find out more about the Tunkhannock Viaduct you can visit  That viaduct is 2, 375 feet long and was finished in 1915!  There is lots more information on the website and some amazing pictures of it being built and a photo taken from a plane.  Impressive.  Unexpected sightings of such structures are truly a blessing, in my estimation!

So there you have the news from yesterday!  It was a wonderful day from beginning to end.  Many thanks to all the ladies who made it such a success!

Blissful hugs,


  1. Oh Sharon I loved having you spend the day with us....we need to do it more often!!!

  2. Sharon,
    We enjoyed your lecture sooo much. I'm looking forward to classes at EMQ or Maria's. Hope to see you soon and often.



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