Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yet Another Horrible Warning

If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I never would have believed it.  

I was recently gifted with these two extra lovely pins.  They were presented on this strip of red fabric to preserve them.

A closer look.  The needle hit the pin dead center and forced it down into the needle hole of the throat plate. Yes, it was a Featherweight.

And, even harder to believe, it happened again several weeks later.  The offender saved both so that they could serve as a horrible warning on the blog.  I was asked, yet again, to preserve the anonymity of the offender, even though there is no doubt that this person is guilty.

The Featherweight is known for its ability to sew over pins so this really is an anomaly.  So be careful out there!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post.  I'm better now; just hit a bump in the road and made a brief detour.  Thanks for listening.

Blissful hugs to everyone,

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  1. You are too funny. Always enjoy your blog. And thanks for your very kind comments on my post. I always miss your classes... Hope spring comes soon, kathleen


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