Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

In late winter each year, we are overrun with ladybugs. I guess technically they are not true "ladybugs" but rather a species of beetle--blah, blah, blah--I just know that they are each very unique. Pictured above is a pewter votive holder where two ladybugs decided to take up residence. Too cute for words!

Christmas 2007 saw me as the lucky recipient of not one but two very special gifts from friends/students. The red scarf is made from baby alpaca yarn--so soft and smooth. Carol R. made it especially for me--I just love it!

Barb MacA. knitted these wristers for me in cashmere yarn on those dreaded double pointed needles. I must admit to putting my scarf and wristers on and running through the house saying "I'm rich, I'm rich!" And I am--with fabulous friends who care about me!

Here's something to strike your funny bone: See the quilt below? Well, I had just finished it last week and I took it to a hand piecing class to show it off. (The borders were put on by machine, but the rest is hand pieced.) A lady from a bus trip sat down at the table, saw the quilt, and said "Who would want that!?!?" I calmly said that I would since I had made it, but that it definitely wasn't to everyone's taste. It was just one of those pieces that I had to get out of my system. You may notice a bit of white stuff around the skull. That's a new batting that I was trying--it bearded with every stitch, so I am definitely not going to use it again. As I do more of these 5-pointed stars for classes, I will share them.

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Have a wonderful Monday--may it be filled with quilting!


  1. Hi Sharon, The pirate star is great! Lots of fun! Some people just don't have any taste, to say nothing of any manners. What kind of batting were you trying out? Just curious. Hugs, Jay

  2. I love these little "non" lady bugs too. They remind me of my dearly departed German Sheperd (long story.) So no one is allowed to kill them in my house and I have had some around for months from the winter well into the spring.

    The blog is wonderful and the binding class yesterday at Patchwork Plus was so helpful.

    Your classes are a joy to take!

    mary kay


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