Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday

Remember that old hit by The Mamas and The Papas? As another "blast from the past" check out my new All Curves applique project called "Flower Power"! It makes me think of the VW Bugs with the daisy decals! I'll try to use less sedate fabrics on the next one! LOL

Here's a bunny in my backyard a couple days ago. We had about five inches of snow. Covers up the yucky mud, but just prolongs the suspense of when spring will finally arrive.

In contrast, here's a picture from late May last year, with three bunnies eating in my front yard near the drive. The dandelions are almost gone--the event I can't wait for each year. Dandelions make the yard look ratty no matter how many times you go over it with the mower. I swear they flatten themselves to the ground until you go over them, then they bounce back up. I live in farm country so treating for them is not an option, but it doesn't stop me from wishing them gone as soon as possible!

Finches like to nest in my porch rafters. This is from last year (they're not nesting yet this year). The wonders of super zoom cameras--all the nature photos here were taken through glass at a distance of 8 to 50 feet.

I did finish my machine piecing handouts and am now trying to finish the final 5 blocks of my Monthly Bliss 2 class. Monthly Bliss has 18 seven-inch blocks set on point to make a 46 x 58 inch quilt top. They are super fun (at least I think so!) and some of the ladies started last year with Bliss 1 and completed 18 to 25 blocks and are back for 18 new ones! It's called Monthly Bliss because I figured something good should happen to women monthly. Here's a picture of my sample.

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  1. Can't wait to take the all curves class. I think I'll use leftover fabrics from my Bliss II quilt to make that block into a pillow to use with the quilt!

    I started singing "Monday, Monday" as soon as I saw your caption. Those were the days....

    Thanks for more great pics, Sharon!



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