Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In My Opinion

For those of you who know me, having new entries to anything for four consecutive days is a miracle of the first order. So enjoy your Wednesday and give this some thought.

For years I have taught rotary cutting--especially the safety aspects. No student is allowed to have the blade exposed unless they are actually cutting. That's right, no waving the open rotary cutter around while you are positioning the ruler, or while you are talking with your hands. There are no exceptions--I make a hideous intake of breath sound and point at the offending cutter. Trust me, no one wants to hear that sound more than once! Well, after a class where there was quite a bit of inhalation on my part, a student said to the shop owner, "She's a rotary nazi!" (I personally don't care what anyone calls me as long as their blades are closed.) This student did admit that it was a good idea, just hard to get used to. But guess what? She made me this t-shirt! The front has the closed rotary cutter, my title Rotary Nazi (nice script, yes?), and my mantra--Let me hear the click!" (With some of the old cutters, when you put the guard on it makes a very satisfying click; the newer cutters have the guards that go on automatically when the handle is released. Safer for those who cannot remember to click.)

Knowing also that I like to "scoogy dance" with my iron (that's where you wiggle the iron all over the fabric; definitely not the up and down pressing method), she put this logo on one sleeve.
"Dances with Iron" is my alias!

Now, having said all that, check out this fabric panel! First, I love Rosie the Quilter--no problem there. But look what she has in her hand, right next to her face--AN OPEN ROTARY CUTTER BLADE! I definitely did not hear the click. Did you? It's such a fabulous graphic for quilting--and great as a place to practice your quilting skills--but if a picture is worth a thousand words, it's going to be an uphill climb to get people to use appropriate rotary cutter safety techniques. Would this have been any less effective an image if the cutter had been closed?

A more close-up view of the face/the hand/the rotary cutter.

Let me know your thoughts on this--I love getting mail!

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  1. Sharon, I saw your show on Simply Quilts this am. a rerun. I loved it!!! I really like to do Stack n Whack quilts, but I don't stack the fabric up.I fussy cut it. It is so relaxing to me. I am going to try your method. I also have the same last name as you, Stroud. It is my maiden name. I lived up in Delevan-Machias,NY when I was in 5th grade.About 50 miles outside of Buffalo, NY. Anywhere near you? I am in Texas now. Actually, born and raised, except for that stint in NY state. I learned to knit up there. Seemed like all of the little girls did that in the classroom. Oh, I will most adamantly say to close that rotary cutter. I also religiously use my Klutz Glove. I could send you a picture of my finger when I cut a big slice off of it. Not fun!!!! When I went to the ER, they said, where is the rest of your finger? Yuk! Close that blade and use that glove. Anyway, I really enjoyed your site. Beautiful flowers!Have a wonderful day. Kathy in windy Texas


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