Thursday, March 27, 2008

Success x2

Success can be measured in small doses. Are you working on a large quilt that seems to be taking forever? Try doing a couple small pieces from start to finish to give yourself a mental boost. This is Thimble Bugs, with the center hand pieced, the borders added by machine and then the piece was hand quilted. I just finished the binding a couple days ago and still need to do the label, but having a piece this far sometimes seems like a miracle.

Here's a close-up of some of the thimbles. Yes, they are tumbler shapes, but actually about the size of a thimble, hence the name. I have pieced and basted one with over 200 thimbles; these two have 56 each.

Christmas Thimbles: Second verse, same as the first, just using different fabrics. The fabrics in the center were bought at Lowell Images several years ago. The small reddish border frames the center and I like the way the black vine fabric finishes the piece.

Today I taught 10 wonderful ladies the useful art of binding. French double fold, finishing 1/4 inch. We also did hanging sleeves so they could easily display their new masterpieces. The funny story of the day came at the beginning of class--one of the students said she needed to ask me a stupid question. I replied that there were no stupid questions, but she insisted this was. Her question: "Have you been on TV?" It seems that HGTV aired my episode of Simply Quilts (#827) this morning. She thought the name sounded familiar! She recognized me...probably because I look about the same, just 6 years older!

Well, I'm off to see what mischief I can get into before hitting the hay. For those of you reading this late on Thursday, good night. For those reading this on Friday morning, good morning!

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    It seems we just can't get enough of Simply Quilts. I too saw the show with you the other day, and can't believe there was one that I actually missed. I really enjoyed your Dresden plates, and do want to try working one of those. I also enjoy hand-piecing and hand-quilting. I am enjoying your blog and hope you keep it up. I think you've inspired me to try one of the thimble quilts too! Like I need any more ideas, but I like the fact that can it be carried around and done in a short amount of time. Thanks for your inspirations Sharon!!
    Jeannette in St. Louis, MO


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