Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Wonder of Everyday Miracles

Whenever I fly I am once again in awe of the things we take for granted. How can millions of parts work together to lift passengers and their luggage into the air and take us to a different place in a matter of hours instead of the days or weeks it would take to go by car? Or the car--or the radio--or the tv. It amazes me that these things work so well consistently--we grumble loudly when they don't--but what a miracle each of these things is. I cannot imagine the changes that some of our older folks have seen in their lifetime--what did they think when they saw the first airplane overhead? Or the first car? Radio must have been "far-out" and then along came the tv! Maybe our generation will see space travel become commonplace--who knows!

The Feather Princesses have got to be some of the most fun people anywhere! We had a great time and they all made good progress on the projects. Two days to work on one project is just bliss for a teacher! It's a much more relaxed pace than a 3-hour class, and more of the project is done before leaving--making less impact on that ever-increasing UFO pile! (Come on, you know you have one! I'll 'fess up--I have more than 120 unfinished projects--of which about 65 are basted, ready to hand quilt!) I even wrote a note to one student's husband telling him that he should not chastise her for having so many unfinished things! I hope she let's me know how that went over!

Here's a picture of our group on the last day of classes. I'm the one whose hands are gesticulating! Seems I really can't talk without my hands! Circle ruching was the topic of this gathering!

Dispensing more Sharon-isms to a rapt audience!

A picture of Janie's project--very subtle colors and extra-fine workmanship!
And here we all are practicing "live long and prosper". Mr. Spock would be so proud!
It was a great trip--thank you to Dorothy for inviting me, to Rose for housing/feeding me, and to all the ladies who attended the lecture and classes. It was like rubbing elbows with royalty! (Get it--Feather PRINCESSES!)

Back on the homefront I've already taught one class, finished a quilt top for a friend, did my travel laundry and have basted more quilt sandwiches for my hand quilting class tomorrow. All the robins have fledged and gone. But my hollyhocks are glorious! Pics coming in the next couple days.

A thought to leave you with: "Almost doing something is the same as doing nothing." Let's all do something unexpectedly nice for someone in the next day or two. It will make them, and us, feel like a million bucks! 'Til next time....

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  1. Very inspiring post, Sharon! Just last evening I watched a big commercial airliner fly over our house, and I watched it until I could no longer see it. And I, too, marveled at how something so big and so heavy can get up in the air and come down again so smoothly.

    But, I'm glad you are back on terra firma and that you had a good trip. The class looks like a lot of fun and quite productive. Thanks for the great pics. Did you knit on the plane?



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