Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bottle Tree

Last night in class, Emily mentioned that she had stopped to purchase a bottle tree. I was surprised, because I had seen one years ago on an episode of American Quilter. No information about it, just a quick scan of someone's property. It was about a two second glimpse but I was hooked!

My brother Chris is multi-talented, and I asked him if he could build me one. Remember he did not see the tv program. I drew a rough diagram and set him to it. He welded metal rods into my tree. The first year there were three metal prongs to set into the ground--they didn't hold up well in heavy winds, so the next year he got me a heavy base (maybe from an outdoor umbrella [okay, I guess you wouldn't have an "indoor" umbrella]). The original tree sets into the base and it stays where you put it! I have all blue glass on mine, but Emily is drinking wine from as many different colored bottles as she can find to make hers more colorful!

Here's a close-up. The branches can be bent into different configurations, but I pretty much left them as they were. Today was gloomy and overcast...and, yes, rainy. The tree is especially pretty in full sunshine.

Short post for today--and the middle of the afternoon, no less!



  1. I love it....and I reall like the idea of using an umbrella base for stability. Just opened a bottle of wine for dinner with a friend....soon I will be able to send you a picture of my tree....thanks for posting this!

  2. Love it...Do we need to send you more blue bottles?????


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