Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thank You for Your Service

Memorial Day--a time to remember those who have served and those who are currently serving.

My husband Floyd

My brother Eric

My dad Otto

His brother Hugo

And his brother Othmar (Bill)

My mother's brother George

And his oldest daughter Ginny

And his son Joseph

My family does not have anyone currently serving in the Armed Forces, but my thoughts, prayers and thanks go out to those who are serving and their families. Throughout history our brave men and women have stepped up to keep us free.

On Monday--and every day--when you see someone in uniform thank them for their service.

Proud and thankful to be an American,


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  1. Sharon,

    What a wonderful family and how proud you must be of their service to our great country. I have to say your husband is devlishly handsome and I know he carries a special place in your heart.

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures..... and maybe some stories.... hint hint. Is your mother's family of German ancestory? I know everyone would love to hear how you met your husband, I know I enjoyed that story immensley ;)

    Hugs from the mitten state and the witness relocation program....


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