Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hops and Turkeys

I swear you can see these hops vines growing while you watch them! The first picture shows them part way up the lattice. (As an aside, they went from no activity to almost 8 inches tall in less than one day!)

In seven days they went from the above picture to this! And now they are almost a foot taller--just in two days. It just amazes me! If any of you are looking for a vine, consider this one. It does not grow under siding or cause harm. I have this lime green and a dark green. The lime one seems to grow the fastest.

About a week ago, I looked out and a wild turkey was near the house--and I was on the phone and had no camera. I kept an eye on it as it meandered away. When I finally could get to my camera, the single turkey had left the yard, but a small flock was tearing across the yard in a different direction! That's a trumpet vine on the ladder--very invasive, but the birds love it. Swallows nest in the house on the top of the ladder.

That's all for tonight. Happy Friday, everyone!



P.S. I am listening to Rainwater by Sandra Brown. Still reading the horse book!

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