Monday, May 2, 2011


I was scanning some old photos today and realized how much I like the changes I made to the house in 2007--yes, 2007! I was surprised by how much time had passed.

The ceiling had been painted, the newly-installed crown molding had two coats of paint, and the walls are getting their first coat of "Blue Suede Shoes". Surprisingly, I can roll paint quite well--but everything needs a second coat--no matter what the paint companies say! I used a brush to finish up next to the crown molding. Trust me when I say beaded board is hard to paint--too many nooks and crannies! But so beautiful when done. Most of the first floor has this same board, so I painted lots of it! Interestingly, I loved the light blue for many years; it wasn't until I started putting the dark paint on that I realized how washed out it was.

The corner cupboard was a great find at a yard sale! It's from an old house and we had to cut down the finial (it's not in the picture) to make it fit the ceiling! It's gotten a new coat of "cobweb" paint and is waiting to have the glass scraped before being put the corner!!!

These walls have the second coat of paint--see how rich they are? And my polar bear figurines look absolutely fabulous against that darker blue paint. So these changes were good.

How was your Monday? I had a great time teaching hand piecing at a local shop. And I've finished the hand quilting on the mystery gift! And Igot to horse around twice!


P.S. I am listening to Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell.

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