Friday, April 27, 2012

Stained Glass Table Runner

Although this has been finished for over a week, it wasn't until today that I finally got pics.  The pattern is from the Snowball ruler set by Creative Grids.

Here it is, tastefully decorated and on the table.

And sans decoration.

I used a print that has Christmas decorations on it for the back, but you hardly notice the design. 

The quilting is done with a technique I call "fracturing".  I took photos as I did the quilting and I will put up a tutorial in the near future.  I thought it made the runner look even more like stained glass.

A detail from the back.

All the fabrics except the blue corners were from my stash and are all batiks.  Except for hand sewing the binding to the back, this is machine done.  

So there you have something I finished!  Who knew?

Blissful hugs,


  1. Very pretty -- thanks for sharing -- I think the fracturing is pretty neat!

    Take good care !

  2. Love this pattern. I could probably, I hope, get the same look with a snowball block and not have to buy the ruler. Love the fractured quilting also. So much talent in 1 person -- we are lucky to have you as our teacher.

    Terri H


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