Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shoo Fly Happiness

Penny E., from the Southern Tier in New York State, sent me this message along with the picture at the end. I have edited the email slightly to remove any identifiers.

"I follow your blog. I have taken a few classes from you and enjoyed them very much. My mom is the real quilter in the family. She is now 86 & made the decision to no longer drive- a hard decision when you live in the country. Quilting gives her great pleasure and fills her days. 

 She now wants me to bring her "mystery quilt patterns". At first I did not know what she meant as we had done a block of the month for years at a shop near us but it was no mystery! I then realized she wanted me to bring her patterns - from my computer-and then help her pick material from her HUGE stash, and then she would make the quilt. So I took her your free pattern you gave us on your blog "Shoo-Fly Friendship Quilt" in Feb. 2012. She loved getting the pattern and we went through her volumes/tubs of stash and came up with a lot of pretty bright fabric.She has now finished the quilt top and I wanted to share it with you and also thank you for this posting and for making my 86 year old mom very happy!" 

Can I just say "Wow"?  This makes my heart sing.  I am so happy that someone used the pattern and took time to share the results.  Anyone else out there who's used the pattern?  Send me photos and I'll post them!

Penny, thank you so much for sharing--and please tell your mom how proud I am of her!

Blissful hugs to everyone!

P.S.  I am listening to Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb.


  1. How wonderful! I like the quilt and the fact she is still quilting at 86. I hope to be able to still quilt at that age!!

  2. Very pretty! Great work ladies... all three of you!


    PS... I haven't even finished my first Sharon Stroud original... some day... (smile)...

  3. What a wonderful letter! And a goal for all of us to aim for...Your Mom is amazing!

    Marty E.


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