Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Birds

Happy Monday morning, everyone! I thought I would start your week with a few pictures of bird babies!

Remember the pictures from a few posts ago of the robin babies? Well, here are two of them fully feathered and ready to fly. Just a few minutes after taking this picture, the larger of the two (or the one in the front!) flew from the nest to the porch floor. Mama and Papa Robin had an absolute fit, as he/she landed just a few short feet from me! I went back inside to let things settle down and then the second fledgling made his flying debut as well. A proud day for the Front Porch Robin family. The Back Porch Robins had an equally fine family, although one of the babies did fall from the nest before all its feathers were fully formed. The parents hid him in a bush and I think he successfully matured and flew. Both nests are now empty, as is the phoebe nest in the shed.

Imagine my surprise to look out my kitchen window and see a baby hummingbird sitting in the wegelia bush! I grabbed my camera and took these shots. It sat so very still while one of the parents flitted around and drank from the pink blossoms. The adult hummers are so sleek but this baby still had a bit more padding! The last picture shows the iridescence of the feathers--so beautiful!

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to class I go. A Powerhouse Applique day where students will learn to handle inside and outside points and curves. It's a repeat of a class I did on Saturday and those students did a wonderful job.

Have a great day! Special? Yes, that's you--did you forget?



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