Tuesday, June 2, 2009


June is here. A month for weddings, graduations, Father's Day and probably many more celebrations. The lilacs are on their last legs, but the poppies are unfurling their beautiful blossoms as we speak.

The sky has been so spectacular the last few weeks. We seem to alternate between sunny, cloudless skies and wind-tossed, stormy, cloudy skies. I know this is not a popular view, but I really enjoy the cloudy, chillier days. It's more pleasant to work outside without sweating profusely and swatting all manner of insects. Or I can choose to huddle up in my sewing rooms with my audio books and Lynnie sleeping at my feet. When it gets hot, the only choice for me is to turn the air conditioner on the coldest setting and sit in front of it! At least it keeps me quilting!

My columbine was especially pretty this year. Here are a couple pics for you to enjoy.

I'm busy designing and stitching new samples for the fall--yes, I said fall, even though it isn't officially summer yet. Everything takes longer than I expect, but part of that is because I am trying to find a better balance between work and play. For the past five years (and even before that), I have concentrated on work. But all work and no play makes Sharon a very dull and uninteresting girl. Unfortunately, I seem to swing between all work and all play--I never have been a half-way person about anything.
I am reading Robbi Joy Eklow's new book, The Goddess of the Last Minute. It is absolutely divine! I have laughed over some of the stuff, found great tips for storage and new reading materials to search for. Do yourself a favor and get a copy.
Well, it's time to finish the ironing. When next I return I will have pics of my recent auction acquisitions. Til then, remember how special you are--I have so decreed it--make it sew, Number One! (That's a partial Star Trek TNG reference--hee hee.)


  1. Hi Sharon--Love the flower picture--mine is still just coming up so I am not sure the color yet??? and your sky picture is lovely. was at Sue's today and I did some signing up--so hopefully I will be seeing you some in July! But I also hope I get to see some more pictures of your garden and your "Kids" and of course, Quilt projects!!!! Take care see ya soon--Just, Diane
    PS I even signed up for a paper-piecing class--loved the model that the gal did--so we will see????

  2. Good greif... now I know why!!!! We were seperated at birth!!! LOL
    I thought I was the only person who was an either or thinker. Most people really don't get it that I have to focus on one thing or another, but I don't transistion very well until I finish the first thing.... unless I forget or get distracted.... Hmm where was I going with this....

  3. Sharon, you are a hard worker, yes - but you are NOT dull and uninteresting. You are quite the opposite! I hope you do find more time for "play", but I also hope you don't change a thing about YOU!


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