Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flowers and Quilt Tops

Good things come to those who wait--and Susan M. of Baldwinsville, New York, has proved that once again. Susan has taken my hand piecing series for the past three years and now has two of the tops done except for borders. Her third piece--a hexagon composed of smaller hexagon blocks--is almost done as well. Here, for your viewing pleasure are:

Monthly Bliss 2 composed of 18 seven-inch blocks set on point.

And Monthly Bliss 1 composed of 25 seven-inch blocks, also set on point. What a change in fabrics! From the 30s reproductions in year one to brights in year 2. And her hexagon piece is a more subtle piece with Christmas prints.

Below are two pictures of my wegelia bush. It is in front of my bow window in the kitchen. Last night I was able to get pictures of a baby hummingbird perched in the bush. I'll share those in the next post. This bush is a major draw for the hummers--and I quite often find them resting among the blossoms. It's an easy way to draw birds without having the hassle of filling feeders. I also have butterfly bushes and fushias. Plus hollyhocks.
We've had two wonderful thunderstorms today. I always love the lightning and thunder. Lynnie hides under the table, but I want to be out on the porches watching the action. It's been several years since we've had what I think of as "real" thunderstorms. Not just heat lightning and a bit of a rumble. These storms were the light up the sky and rattle the windows types.

Good night or good morning, dear blog readers. Did you remember to tell yourself how special you are today? Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself right in the eye when you say it--then stand tall and smile and start the day on a high note. Repeat as necessary throughout the day for a special lift.

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  1. Hi Sharon--Tell Susan here Bliss quilts are beautiful and to keep up the great work---
    The flower pictures are soo pretty--I took several yesterday and then today I went to a girl friends and I took lots more--to I got flower pictures and then I got flower pictures!!!! Aren't these T-storms great--I like watching them too--the only problem is I am way behind in my blogging--Oh my and your dear Lennie as written me and said I was to tell you that he's "overdue" to have his picture on your site--so get with it, MOM-- Happy summer--Diane


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