Friday, June 5, 2009


Thursday was a special day. First, I had an excellent class--seven wonderful ladies learned to rotary cut, precision machine piece and press while working on Goose in the Pond blocks. A wide range of skill levels, but each student brought a willingness to learn. One student had many "aha" moments--where she learned why some of her previous projects did not go together as well as they might have.

Then, it was off to dinner with my bestest best friend, Cindy. We were actually celebrating her birthday--the one that was officially August 2008! We never have been timely with celebrating anything--preferring to draw out the suspense. We have also decreed that we do not officially turn another year older until we celebrate together. Hey, it works for us! We had a great time--it is always so far between visits--where does the time go?

To cap off this banner day, when I got home there was a sundog! Usually by the time I can get my camera out it has disappeared, but this time I was able to document it! Sorry the pictures are separated, but here is the detail shot and at the end of the blog is the wide angle shot. Sundogs are usually a sign of a change in weather--and those of us who realize we need it are hoping it means rain. We are very dry and what sprinkles we are getting are definitely not enough.
I had promised in the last post to share with you my auction finds. I had to wait through the entire auction for these pieces to come up. I had bought nothing else so I was determined to win. And, I had asked for my lucky number - 13 - so I was sure they would be mine!

Another woman mistakenly thought these pink beauties would ultimately be hers. She was wrong! Even the auctioneer said that I was very determined! The first picture shows the tiny little whatever it is!!?? It is 2.25 inches high and 4 inches from handle tip to handle tip. It is perfect.
Although they do not go together this dish was sold with the whatever it is. It too is pristine and a slightly darker shade of pink. I'm not sure if Anne at Bunny Hill reads my blog, but I bet she will be "pink" with envy if she sees these--she loves all things pink!

I was thrilled to come away the winner.
Okay, guess that's about it for this time. I'll leave you with the last picture of the sundog. Yes, Thursday was a wonderful day. And, come to think of it, the auction took place LAST Thursday! What a rush! Remember to smile randomly--it makes people wonder what you are up to!
Hugs and good night and sweet dreams of whatever makes your heart sing!

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  1. Hi Sharon--I just learned something from your blog--I had never actually heard of or seen a sundog--I will have to pay more attention and see if I can spot one--thanks
    I also like your pink dishes--lucky you (by the way 13 is also my "lucky" number!!!) My sister and I went to the village day rummage sales here--got myself a couple treasures too. Take care--hugs, Diane


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