Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finished Is Good

Quilted and bound, no less! Ginny D. of Candor, New York, started this quilt in a block of the month class with me in February 2009. This picture was taken on December 5--the quilt is finished! Ginny did an awesome job of the piecing and claims that I am in her head as she adds borders! (Please remember the poor photography is all mine!)
The colors are not very true--the background is a wonderful lime green, with a blue/white marble, tone-on-tone navy, a sky blue--rich, vibrant colors. The fabric Ginny chose for her setting and corner triangles was directional--she bought lots and used only the pieces that were correctly directional in the finished rows. She ended up with lots of leftovers, but the finished quilt reflects that coveted attention to detail. Great job, Ginny! (I'm sending good thoughts your way.)

Today, thirteen people came to my free make-and-take ornament class at the Groton Public Library. A mix of long-time students, some new faces and even three members of the library staff attended. We made raw edge ornaments suitable for families with young children or children of the four-legged variety. A bit of muslin, some cotton batting, quilting threads in various colors, and buttons--it was fascinating to see the combinations of threads and buttons. I think I figured out that I've been doing these ornament classes for 10 or 11 years--a different ornament each year. I love our library and use it lots; this is my way of giving back to the staff and community. I'm not sure who has a better time--them or me!

Will close for now. Tomorrow--pictures of ????? Stay tuned!


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  1. Hi Sharon, I'm commenting! (BIG GRIN) The ornament class was wonderful! It was great fun, just like always. We all enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you so much! Hugs, Jay


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