Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Christmas Quilt

Many moons ago, I started this Piney Woods pattern. I did change things a bit--did not piece the background, hand appliqued all the pieces and hand quilted it quite heavily. (Okay, it's almost the exact opposite of how the pattern was done!) I just love the piece and finally finished it earlier this year. So this is its Christmas debut. I have a narrow display space between the front door and the octagonal window--perfect for a long, narrow quilt.

Marion asked about the 3 women above my light display--it's an original oil painting in a handmade (not by me) frame. The artist is my mom's first cousin, Kay Stash. She tried to teach me to paint, but I am much better at quilting! I've had the painting for almost twenty years and it has always been over my roll top desk. (Okay, I can paint--but walls and trim only!)

Did a bit of horsing around today--helped trim hooves (my job was to hold the feet up and steady!). Also had each horse out to clean all its hooves and to give them a bit of TLC. Cracked ice out of water buckets and then refilled them, swept up the little barn--a good day. Especially since I managed to escape Nate's teeth for the entire time! He's the colt born on July 4--and he has a tendency to sneak up on you and give you a little nip. I think his record is five times in a couple hours--all on me! (In my defense, I've never been around young horses and figured he was playing--now I know differently--it's their way of vying for dominance--and I keep a sharp eye on where he is and what he's doing--I may be a slow learner--but at least I do learn!)

I hope you are smiling after reading about my escapades! And that you are ready for the holidays.

Til tomorrow!


P.S. I added a new blog to my list--Blackbird Designs. Their blog is wonderful and their designs are simply fabulous. Take a look!

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