Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Only Two More Days

With only two days left until New Year's Eve, I just have to say how much I miss Guy Lombardo (I know, I know, that really dates me) and Dick Clark. I rarely watch any New Year's Eve show now, usually just tuning in for the ball drop. But I am definitely up at midnight! During the summer and early fall I had turned into a morning person--sort of good--but have recently reverted back to night owl. That will become a problem next week when I start teaching again!

I hope to have quilt pictures for you tomorrow. I put a pieced border on a small hand blanket-stitched piece today and am working on a mystery quilt as a possible class project. I probably would have been farther along, but the block pressing is not something I agree with (twisting the seam in the middle--gasp, chocolate, chocolate to revive me!) so I am testing how best to press to get as many opposing seams as I can. I think the last seam in each block may have to be pressed open--but I am still working.

I have spoken with the physical plant guys about turning the air conditioning down outdoors. I mean, really! The wind chill here was sub-zero most of the day, but the wind has finally gone down tonight. Last night I thought we might be blown away.

While not "winter" pictures, these are of Lake Champlain in August. As you may have noticed, I love taking pictures of the ever-changing sky.

Til tomorrow, my friends!


  1. Hi Sharon, This makes post 101! Yeah!! Well, you've been much more productive than I. I spent a good portion of the day just wrapped up in a blanket watching television. This bitterly cold weather needs to go away! And now they're saying that we could have a snowstorm Thursday night and Friday. Yuck! What a waste of a perfectly good storm. It's not going to give us a snow day. :( Hugs, Jay

  2. My 100 gallon horse tub froze over.... even with a heater! Does this mean that He** has frozen over???? Does this mean penguins will show up soon???? Should I build an igloo????

    Inquiring minds.....

    HUGS and warm cocoa...



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