Monday, December 21, 2009

Let the Festivities Begin!

Tonight I thought I would share a bit of my decorating with you. Last night I washed all of the crystal candle holders and dishes that occupy the top of my roll top desk. And I even polished the tiny lights! I love this display so much that I leave it up all year long. The play of the white lights on the crystal with some glitter highlights never fails to lift my spirits.
Here is a bit closer picture of the display.

For those of you wondering if I have lost the thrill of my Dyson cleaner, the answer is no. I still love it! The rugs feel so much different--it's a joy to walk barefoot on them. I even did the stairs again today--all with the cleaner on the landing and I was able to reach the top with just the hose--no moving the cleaner half-way through to go from the top down.

Callie wanted to say she is keeping an eye on all this activity. And to let you know that she has submitted her wish list to Santa Meow--catnip, more catnip, did I mention catnip--CATNIP!!! (She looks so mild mannered, doesn't she?)

Jay, you are released from your promise to comment, although I do enjoy them immensely. Sheila, I'll be glad to see you whenever you can get to class--I miss you! Pam K., if you are reading this--I LOVE my snowman wallhanging! Thanks so much! What a wonderful surprise in the mail today!

Okay, I am back on the map--the countdown begins. And the best news of all today? Today was the winter solstice--and tomorrow we start adding minutes of daylight. This is always my favorite day--because it marks the shortest day and I can't wait to see the plus signs as we add minutes from now on. It's been cold and blustery here, but we have escaped the worst of the storms. And my four-wheel drive is fixed--yahoooooooo!

Hugs to all,


  1. Hello! Well, even though I was released (grin), I still feel the need to leave a comment. So nice to find a new blog entry when I checked this morning. I hope that you are enjoying your time off from teaching. Have fun! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Jay (and Jerry)

  2. The light display is beautiful but what about the picture above it. Is it a painting? Stitched? Those women must have a story.
    Happy holidays.



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