Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hard to believe, but I did try to post last night. My computer had a tantrum and logged off the internet and refused to reconnect. Even tonight I had a problem, but I deleted and reloaded the software and finally am able to post. Always happens when I have something to say!

First, the promised quilt pictures. The center was shown in a previous blog and is from the July/August 2009 Quiltmaker magazine. From there, I took a bit of artistic license. The narrow border was to have cornerstones. I chose not to do so. Then the pieced border was arranged a bit differently and used many lights. Instead, I used one multicolored batik for the "backgrounds" and then chose the darks from batiks that had been used in the applique and some others. I ran out of the "background" fabric before I got to the corners, so I substituted the narrow border fabric and used the pink dot (not previously used in the border) for the corners. At first, I thought the pieced border might overwhelm the center, but I don't think it does. I chose not to add another solid border--this is enough.
A detail of the center and part of the border.

A close-up of the hand blanket-stitched applique.

If you get a chance, please visit the Yarn Harlot's blog post for today. It says a lot to all of us.

I've spent a bit of time today thinking of 2009 and all the changes that happened, as well as things that have stayed the same, for both good and bad.

On the good side, in no particular order: Working with the horses, Lynnie's kidney disease being arrested, Callie's purring presence, the love of my family and friends, a career that I love, students who are the best ever, my Jeep, a home I love, being healthy, being happy.

What do I wish for you in 2010? Someone to love and who loves you, family that loves and supports you, friends who bring you joy, a job that is fulfilling, enough money to not want for the basics in life, a sense of happiness for who you are now and plans for who you want to become. Change is hard--so let's change for the good. Let's spread happiness and light, lift someone's spirits while lifting our own. We each have a unique gift--we may not think it is as good as someone else's, but God has a plan for each of us. If we all had the same gift, how could we appreciate our uniqueness. I want to make a positive difference in the world around me--will you join me? Let's make 2010 the best year yet!!!

Remember how special you are--I know I keep saying that, but some of you are hard to convince!

Happy New Year!!!

P.S. Bobbi, if you are reading this, you can have a laugh--the last horse thing I learned in 2009 was how to clean sheaths! For those of you who don't know what a sheath is, I'm not explaining it! I just love horsin' around!


  1. Hi Sharon, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Your quilt looks really nice with the pieced border. Thank you for all of the encouraging words and reminders of our individual gifts and being special. I know that I, for one, often loose sight of those things. That's something that I can work on in this new year. I hope that 2010 brings you health, happiness and prosperity. Big Hugs, Jay (and Jerry)
    P.S. - Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday.
    P.P.S - Boy oh boy, it sounds like you've been getting up close and personal with some of those horses. You really never do have a dull moment, now do you? GRIN

  2. Happy New Year Sharon! Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. May your year be full of joy and happiness!

    Cindy O

  3. TOO FUNNY!!!! I just did that on my gelding today, my thought is what a way than to start a new year with clean plumbing!! Since this was "our" first time together, he looked at me quite a bit and I looked at him even more...LOL. We are taking this in small steps since he wasn't too excited by the "horseman's handshake" and had the funniest look on his face during the process. It would be so much easier if he would just let himself go and place himself entirely in my hands.... but I guess maybe it is a trust issue to be dealt withover time...LOL

    Loved the quilt by the way! Will this be a sample for a new class????????

    HAPPY New year from a fellow horse person whose hands still smell funny......



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