Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do You See What I See???

Earlier tonight I came into my sewing room and discovered this on my computer monitor. I think it looks like an angel! So I took a picture of it for the blog and also one of what I think caused it.
It's a combination of the canned air canister and the paper that is winged up to the left of it. I guess...after I turned out the lights and left for a bit, I was unable to see the image again. Dee dee dee dee. And yes, Virginia, that is my desk. Luckily for me, I rarely use that computer because my laptop is on a different table. So, in the way of many of us, any flat surface becomes a dumping ground. I do occasionally clean it off--but had I done that prior to tonight, the angel would not have visited.
I've spent most of the day appliqueing a new cutwork design. And I finished half a pair of Christmas socks (that means that one is done and the other one is cast on and five rows up (or down) the cuff.
Books that I've enjoyed on CD: Vision in White by Nora Roberts, Dashing Through the Snow by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, and Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark.
Hugs til tomorrow!


  1. There's nothing like having an Angel watching over you.

    Cindy O


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