Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mind Boggling

First, let me address Janet's comment: Halloween?!?! I was hoping for Valentine's Day or, at the very latest, St. Patrick's Day! If you are going to wish or keep your head in the sand, wish big or bury your head deeper!!!! LOL! Thanks for commenting!

I was making name tags late last night and, in the usual stupor of putting pins into muslin, was surprised when this pin did not work as I thought it should. Upon closer reflection, you can see why I had a problem.

Here's a closer look. Especially loved the head! Let's just say this woke me out of my reverie and made me think it would make a great blog entry!

A while ago I was enjoying a box of Snowcaps. You know, just mindlessly popping the little bits of chocolaty goodness into my mouth. When my fingers felt an unusually large gobbet, I took a look. Don't you think it looks remarkably like a seahorse? So I saved it until I could properly photograph it and share it with you all. (Please remember that many of you miss me when I don't post--do you still feel that way?)

The featherweight class was wonderful and ten machines went home cleaned, oiled and polished. One lady even said she loved her featherweight more than her bigger, newer, fancier machine! I just smiled and nodded!

This really is a two-fer day since both of these posts will be on Sunday. But tomorrow I have pictures of student quilts to share--probably for several posts as they have accumulated over the past few weeks. I just love to see stuff finished (and by finished I mean even just the top done).

And a brief rant: What happened to people using turning signals? When did they become optional? Are people afraid that the turning signals are only good for so many clicks and then they are gone? Are they trying to conserve? Are they always wondering why other drivers are so upset with them? I must admit to having to drag out the "Thank you, thank you very much" defense more frequently. And it's wearing mighty thin. Just sayin'.

That's all, folks. Until tomorrow--yes, that's both a threat and a promise!


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