Friday, November 6, 2009

Something to Make You Smile

With so much on our minds lately, I thought I would enliven things by sharing a couple more photos from the horse show.

Here's another picture of Topper in the tack stall. I don't think he's ever had so many pictures taken of him as I did at the show!
What happens when you are short--and your arms are short--and you want to take a picture of yourself and a horse? Well, take a look:

Can anyone working that hard at a horse show and being so darn happy be in their right mind? OKAY...down in the cheap seats! It was a rhetorical question! Because the answer is a resounding YES!
Today I spent time grooming the 24 year old mare Electra. She stood so still and enjoyed her spa day so much--I even combed out her tail again. She carries it so elegantly and it looks like falling water when it is combed out. Someday maybe I can get a pictures of her to share with you. Of course, the other horses were looking on and wondering when their turn would come! I assured all of them that their turn would come. All the horses' coats are thick and soft--I sure hope that is not a sign of a really cold winter. (No wooly-bear sightings to confirm my suspicions.)
Okay, enough for tonight. I hope you had a good laugh--we all needed one.

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  1. Thank you for sharing - the horse is beautiful!
    Cindy O


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