Thursday, November 26, 2009

Never in a Million Years

As many of you may have gleaned from previous posts, housecleaning is not my favorite activity. But when I do it, I want to get the most benefit with the least amount of effort--unlike my quilting, where I will work tirelessly and like a stevedore to get things "just right".

So when my old canister cleaner continued to run up the red flag (danger, danger, Will Robinson) even after I put in a new bag, I had had enough. It's bad enough to go over an area once, but to have to go over the same area seven or eight or even nine times and still have to pick up the bigger pieces of debris...well.

So I did some research and asked lots of people what they had for a vacuum and then I did more research and looked and...TA DA My new Dyson DC25 Animal! The commercials just do not do this cleaner justice. I went over a section of rug that I had vacuumed just two days before with the old vacuum and...the rug was at least three shades lighter! And it felt better under bare feet. And it is entertaining! You can see the stuff being sucked up by the cyclonic action and whirled around the clear canister! Makes you want to keep vacuuming--I know, can you believe I said that? On-board attachments, an upholstery attachment, separate motor for the beater brushes in the front, a telescoping wand conversion that happens in about 2 minutes. WOW! And did I mention the ball? A flick of the wrist and you are into corners, turning in circles, whatever your heart desires! I know this probably sounds like a commercial for Dyson--but for ME to be this happy about cleaning, I simply must share the news. The price is not cheap--that's why I did so much research before buying. And I found a sale, which helped some. And with a five year warranty (most vacuums have 90 days maximum), I took the plunge. And I'm so glad I did. So, if you are in the market for a vacuum, look at the Dyson DC25 Animal.

Sheila, I'm sure you are disappointed...after all, you did have some absolutely wonderful guesses! I really must look into that Pole Dancing!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent the day with family and we had a great time. I am very blessed with family and friends.

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  1. LOL.... Oh Sharon, we have 4 cats and 5 dogs... yes inside the house.... and we bought a DC 07 Animal and LOVE IT, so I do understand and am happy for you!!! We bought ours off a guy who originally bought it for his grandma (no she didn't live in Pasadena and she didn't just vacuum on Sundays...) who, sadly, passed away. So, he was selling it for a mere $150!!! We have been thrilled with it and have only had to replace the cord due to a cat attack (cats apparently have issues with sleeping vacuum cleaners... GO FIGURE). They are pricey, but when you consider that we went through one Dirt Devil or Eureka disposable type vacuum cleaner a year, the investment is worth it, especially given the 4 cats, 5 dogs, bird, guinea pig, and rabbit, that contribute to our twice a day vacuuming…oh and I forgot about the six year old….
    Enjoy your new buddy and hey, maybe you can work the vacuum into the pole dancing act……. Matching leopard print spandex…. Gold baubles….. I can just see it now…..


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