Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Students Part 2

Okay...first the disclaimer. Virtually no one wants their picture included with the quilt, which results in various attempts to hide behind the quilt. Thus, pictures of strangely shaped quilt tops. Rest assured they really all were straight and true--blame it on the photographer!

Pam, from the Candor area, was in the same class as Jen and Julie (see below). Pam did a queen sized top featuring a hollyhock border. She artfully pieced the back with fabrics she had left over as someone was so bold as to buy almost the entire bolt of backing fabric that coordinated with the top! Talk about a tense moment! She will really have a reversible quilt because the back and front are both beautiful. Great job, Pam!
A close-up of the border and one of the rows.

Julie, who happens to be Jen's daughter (and the mother of Samantha) completed her 12 block top in just class time. No time to work at home with a little one on the move! The blocks are pieced from tone-on-tone fabrics--the setting and border fabrics moved this to WOW! I am so proud of you, Julie! You did it!

The sunsets have been so spectacular lately. I am especially enamored of the pinky hue.

Everyone is struggling with something. So be extra kind to everyone you encounter. The holiday season is upon us, so smile lots, let someone with fewer items go ahead of you at the checkout, and do something especially nice for yourself. You deserve it--I have so decreed it--make it sew! Hee hee!
Hugs to all and to all a good night!
P.S. Where have you gone, Dick? Over two months with no post? I know you have great pics from your great adventure!


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Alas, it is the holiday season and I, too, have tried to hide my head in the sand. My husband just got notice that his hours have been cut and that the company may be closing the doors. Of course, we are strangers to this, but I'm afraid that prevents me from coming to class anymore. I do apologize! I do so enjoy your classes!!! With so many things in a tizzy, it really makes enjoying th holidays difficult. It does, however, make you think about the true priorities we have about Christmas. I thought to myself, should the focus be gift buying, or should the true enjoyment come from having fun and spending time with friends and loved ones and celebrating the true reason for the season. I have decided that this year I am not buying anything, rather, I am making breads, cookies, pies, and making all my gift items, albeit small they will be. I invite all of you to consider doing the same and spend the time and money you would invest shopping in visiting and enjoying family and friends.


  2. Hi Sharon...I am so totally psyched that I made the blog because I FINALLY finished something!! It took three years worth of trying but I finally got a BOM quilt top completely pieced...and it's slated to be quilted in January! :) Thanks for upholding your end of the bargain and posting the pic!

    BIG (hugs)


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