Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

A new decade...WOW!!! Just think how much mischief we can get into now! Okay, settle down...I know you think I am already into too much mischief--how could I get into more! My mind is awhirl with ideas....

I have been doing a bit of counted cross stitch during the break. Found a small pattern that I've had for several months (years?) while cleaning and decided to give it a go. Well, you know you can't do just one! So I pulled out some pieces I had done over 20 years ago and was smitten again. I also found two birth name samplers I had started for my nieces. Two was the magic number there--I have three nieces! I have had the stuff for the third one for ages (again, probably over 20 years) and decided to finish the third one and get all three framed for Christmas 2010! And I have it almost finished just working on it today. They are small which is good with the cost of framing! While reading archived posts on the Blackbird Designs site, I came across a chart for "Petites Lettres Rouges", a delightful alphabet sampler. Using 22 count cloth, it finishes at 5 x 3 inches! I have three beautiful shades of pink floss and white cloth. In one of the blogs, a reader had framed hers with pink and white toile and made a small pillow. So I am on the lookout for pink and white toile.

Never fear, I am still quilting...hand quilting and almost done with the 5 pointed star. Also finished the mystery top--I did figure out the pressing but am still not happy with certain parts of it. But it is done!

It's just too bitterly cold here--wind chills well below zero. Windy, snowy, drifting...winter has arrived in full force. It was too cloudy here to see the Blue Moon the other night.

Sorry for the lack of pictures--still having a bit of trouble with the computer. I hope it is not an omen for technical troubles all year!

Stay warm and enjoy whatever makes your heart sing.

Hugs to all,


  1. HI Sharon, I sure hope that you're keeping warm. You're right about winter. It definitely has arrived here in our part of New York. Boy, you sure have been busy. It makes me tired just reading all that you've been up to these days. With all that you've been doing, you don't have time to get into any mischief. Happily I can report that I have been doing a bit of hand quilting. Nothing special, just a little practice piece that I started probably a year ago, and I just came across it again lately. The stitches look good on top, but they aren't so great on the back. My on-going problem. I'll show you when I see you Tuesday evening. Hugs, Jay

  2. HOLY CROUTONS BATMAN!!! This weather is AWFUL. With regard to your getting into trouble, take a look at post number four on your last blog.... The one with all the Chinese ? characters and the only readable words are sex, youtube, and gogo.... I'm thinkin that behind all that cross stitching is some kind of VERY INTERESTING activity. AHEM.

    I'm cleaning and Ebaying my unused items, now there is fun! It is my whole campaign to simplify my life for 2010. Less really is more, especially when you can't find what you are looking for and make an even bigger mess looking for it! NOT SO IN 2010!!!

    WARM HUGS!!!!


    PS. Jay if you find out your issue, let me know.... I have the same one! lol


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