Friday, August 7, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm afraid tonight's post will not be very interesting. Most of my time has been spent basting quilt sandwiches for next week's retreat. Then I mowed (and raked) most of the lawn. The biggest part. There were times when I thought my mower might throw in the blades and cry "enough" to so much grass. But my trusted Millenium model Yardman came through with flying colors. Tomorrow it will be the east side of the lawn and then I am done for this time. Even the part I raked and mowed several times a few days ago needed to be done again!

At one of the last retreats we co-hosted, Anita used her enhanced wand to detach the largest gem from my tiara! When I tell you that she wore a black boa and mine was pink, that could explain part of it! I managed to keep the gem safe and reattached it several months later at home. I was going to take my tiara to a class and laid it on the bed for safekeeping. As I stood in the shower, I heard these crunching noises and poked my head out from behind the shower curtain to behold Lynnie chewing on my tiara! Needless to say there was no surviving that! It was literally in a hundred pieces. So this year I have made my own more indestructible tiara or I guess you might call it a head wreath. I will get pictures of it next week and post them for your enjoyment! My wand is also so much more enhanced--it has lights and sound! And of course my tiara and wand are both pink! They will make their debut at the retreat. (I personally think headwear should be reinstated, but I guess tiaras would still be optional unless you are the Queen of England--or me!)

I have a new game for the retreat--one that no one should be able to complain about! And tons of prizes! And, no, for those of you retreaters who are reading this, there will be no chocolate game this year! (I'm not sure if those are groans of despair or sighs of relief!)

Three full days of classes always sounds like a lot of time. Then we get there and the time is over before we know it.

Okay, you have either been stimulated by this splendiferous post or you have hit your head several times on the keyboard as you fell asleep while reading it. Either way, it is over. You might, however, want to bookmark it as a sleep aid for those nights you just can't drift off.

Nite nite!



  1. Aww......... ME NOT GOING..... me wanna go.... Sounds like a fun time for sure =) I hope you will post pictures when you get back.

    Have fun!!

  2. Yea me is not going either--but am planning on the one in Oct locally--hope we get games and prizes too!!! By the way you are funny--I love it---
    Maybe you should just plan wild flowers in all that lawn space--then you would not have to mow it and just think how pretty that would be to look at and then you would have more time to play with Lennie and he wouldn't have to eat your tiara to get your attention!!!!! See ya soon--just, smile:) Di


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