Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Know You Won't Believe Me

When I got home last night after the last spate of events of Saturday, August 1, it was 11:40 p.m. and I looked at the computer, which was off, and debated about posting. Then a wave of reality set in and I went to bed! Sorry, I just couldn't do it. The mind was willing, but the body just said enough.

It was a fabulous day, when all was said and done. I went to a bridal shower in the afternoon--my bestest friend Cindy's oldest son is getting married in September. I have a picture of him sitting in my lap sewing a small quilt for his Care Bear--he was young enough not to be able to reach the foot pedal and still sew! Someday I will pull it out (read: find it!) and share it with you all. Ronnie's a good sport and he won't care (and if he does, well, what can he do about it?). Hard to believe he's all grown up, has been in two tv series and is a respected and much loved radio personality in Syracuse. What a guy!

When I got home from that, I started prepping for the upcoming retreat. (Nine days and counting!) I was doing pretty good when I got a call from a friend who needed some company and good cheer. It was that foray that got me home so late! So as I was debating "Blog" or "Bed", bed won. It was close!

I had hoped to bale my lawn today but no such luck--it poured most of the day. I did find one short stretch of time when I used the hand mower on the east and south sides of the house--it was damp but I needed to get it cut if I could. So I mowed, raked and mowed again--all in the same spot. Yes, it has been a while since I mowed last--but I've been busy and then when I've had time it has rained! Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and I can get out the big mower and "Git 'er done"!

Sorry for no pics tonight. I will try to do better tomorrow. Many thanks to all of you who left comments on the last post. It made me feel really good.

Hugs to all,


  1. HA!! I am up later than you???? I was suppose to get off at 10:00 PM--BUT----you did have me worried there for awhile???? Hay--talking about your lawn--why not have a "HAY" party and have your guests help then feed them some cakes and ice tea----GOOD NIGHT--hugs, just, Di

  2. Thanks for the August treat!


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