Friday, August 28, 2009

We Interrupt the Retreat with Breaking News

On Tuesday morning I drove to Johnson City, New York, to help judge a bra contest. It was conceived by Louise Tiemann, who did an absolutely fabulous job of making everything work. Over 80 entries were submitted--and what a stunning array they made.

For more information and to see where the bras will be exhibited before the November auction, please visit We are unable to tell who won--it's a surprise until the September 4 official start of the tour. Let me just say how moving it was to see how much time, effort, and money had been expended to support the Cure.

Lorry Chwasik also judged and she posted pics on her website at

The other judge was Gina Chapman from the American Cancer Society.

Lorry and Gina: It was a pleasure working with you both!

Louise made the ribbons and put untold miles on her car to distribute bras donated by Maidenform and to collect the finished entries. Kudos, Louise, on a job well done!

Let's hope a cure is found soon--breast cancer touches so many lives--if not us personally, someone we love. Remember to have yearly mammograms, and urge your family and friends to do the same.

Next post will be back to the Retreat! More finished tops to enjoy!


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  1. Well done for taking time out to support such a fantastic cause!


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