Saturday, August 22, 2009

Retreat Show and Tell Part 2

More great show and tell! Some had more than one thing to show; I selected what I thought was the best of the best for tonight. Please realize that the weird angles and odd expressions are simply the camera operator (that would be me). Need I say more?

Sharon G. had the top she had just finished in an almost year-long class with me. The blocks are hand pieced and then the top was set by machine.

Paula completed the Hexagon Bliss class earlier this spring and she had it hand quilted and bound! The top is completely hand pieced.

Sandy was especially proud to have finished our year one project. She hand quilted the entire quilt and it is bed-sized.

Lucille brought the pillow she made from Anita's French Basket block. Love the double ruffle!

Liz had lots of show and tell and it was hard to choose just one thing. But her hand dyed fabrics were so scrumptious I had to choose that. Let it be noted that Liz did NOT pass the fabrics for us to fondle. She kept close watch on all of them and they were always near her hands. Notice that there is also a pile of grays on the table.

Nancy brought this fabulous quilt to show. I believe she said she was going to donate it for a worthy raffle. I also think she said that it started out as a wallhanging! She was laughing when she said "This is my wallhanging!!!!" I can't imagine what her bed-sized quilts are like! (A tee hee)

Martha brought the project from year three--Mariner's Compass--completely finished!

Ladies, congratulations to you all on a job well-done. It is so exciting to see finished projects--and finished is defined as top or completely quilted and bound. It's wonderful to be so expansive on definitions.
Next up: Pics of finished Stars of Hope. You will be amazed at the creativity!

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  1. Oh what beautiful finished projects for all the gals--I want to make one just like----all of them!!!!! thanks for sharing the photos--I enjoyed seeing and reading all about them
    Hugs, just, DI


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