Monday, August 24, 2009

Retreat Day Three - Part One

Our last full day of classes was filled with laughter and lots of stitching. Kathy, the Wiawaka housekeeper, joined us for the hand quilting portion. She had never quilted before and was pleased with her results! She actually finished the hand quilting on the small wholecloth piece before the end of the day! Way to go, Kathy!

Lucille and Kathleen joined us for the last day. Both are lots of fun and just great to be around. In this photo and the next one you can see such a flurry of activity! The hustle and bustle to get as much finished as possible.

Liz's diligence paid off--here she is with her finished top. She actually got it basted before the end of the day! The center is from a huge floral that Liz fussy cut. And the large star points are from an Art-Deco type fabric that were also fussy cut. Liz ended up using that fabric a bit differently than she anticipated, but it is stunning!

It always cracks me up to see a photo of someone else taking a photo! I couldn't resist including it!

Mary Ellen's finished top! She worked very hard on it and did a fabulous job! Her points are sharp and she used colors she wasn't sure would work--but they did!

Paula was determined to get as much done as possible before leaving--so she kept her head down and sewed! She had the top done and basted by the end of the second day and then had over half hand quilted on the third day! It is bright and colorful and too cool for words!

Sharon G. was also determined to get her top done and basted. She finished the basting by the end of the third day and also fit in the hand quilting portion of the class. So she is ready to quilt up a storm. She even went home and basted her hexagon quilt from a prior post! This from the lady who professes to hate basting!

Enough for tonight. I am off tomorrow to judge Bras for the Cure in the Southern Tier. It should be lots of fun. I think the next post will finish the retreat pictures--I can hear the sigh of relief from some of you and the groans from others who wish to live vicariously.
Take care, everyone! You are special--I have so decreed it! Make it sew, Number One! (hee hee)


  1. I can't believe everyone got so far along! They must have been working their bums off!

  2. Hi Sharon--what did you do threaten to take away the M&M's if they didn't work at a fast pace???? It looks like you did a very excellent job of helping these lady's produce such beautiful works of "art"--happy day--hugs, just, Di

  3. Hi and hugs from one of those vicarious quilters :)
    I'm enjoying seeing everyone and all your great projects!
    Wish I could have been there.
    Anita S.


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