Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Retreat Day One

Three days of hand sewing, good food, great fun and the fellowship of like-minded women--who could ask for anything more!

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and unloaded our stuff--why is it that quilters can never travel light? We had a fabulous dinner and then went to the House of Trix for our evening program. Each quilter told a bit about herself. Some were returnees from prior retreats and some were new--some so new that this was their first retreat ever! I came up with a new game to play--Quilt-o! It's tons of fun and is played similar to Bingo but with quilting terms. It even works for non-quilters because you don't have to define the terms--just find them.

The first full day found us back in Trix. It's a huge room over a small indent in the lake. The water actually runs from behind the building, under the building and then joins the lake. In the first picture you can see my view from the rear of the room looking toward the lake. There is a wonderful porch and you can wade directly off the porch!

Martha, Cindy, Sheila, Nancy, Myra and Liz are making their templates.

On the other side of the room we have Mary Ellen, Gale, Sharon G., Sandy and Paula.

After making the templates, fabrics were spread everywhere and carefully considered. In the true spirit of quilting, fabrics were shared and opinions freely given.

You can see how intent everyone is on making the right choices! Some were able to choose fabrics for all parts of the design right away and others chose one fabric at a time and cut those pieces and auditioned for the next set. It was fun to see the choices!
Next post will include even more photos. Be prepared to live vicariously through the blog as we explore Retreat 2009.
Did you all remember how special you are?


  1. Looks fantastic! Any time to enjoy the lake? Or at least sit on the porch and do some hand sewing?

  2. Sounds like fun!!! I hope you have some outside pictures to share.... Your description makes me very interested in seeing the outside as well as the inside.


  3. Glad your retreat turned out sooo great--and I bet that Lennie and Callie was glad when it was over and you where back at home!!! Hugs, just, Di

  4. Hi it's just me again--forgot to tell you that room was full of creative woman thinking and doing power--I am sending this one by anonymous to see if it works as I have a sceret Angel swap partner and I want to be able to comment on her blog site and she not know who I am--I will be a little dummer at the next quilt class--this computer is really great--but it doesn't work like my old one, as you well know and it does not seem to "obey" me or "read" my mind and do "what" I want it tooooo????? Di


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