Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Laughing All the Way

I almost fell off my chair reading the comments on the last post! Sheila, LOVE the microbrewery idea! And the slogan!

The hops vine is non-invasive, unlike my silver lace, which grows under the siding and is coming out around my second story windows. It's just a nice vine--nothing more to the story than that, unless I really do start the brewery. I wonder how many hops I would need--probably more than I have at the moment!

Stay tuned for retreat pictures.

Until then, stay safe, keep quilting, and remember how special and unique you are.



  1. Hey Sharon....... Here is the website with tons of hops info:

    I can do the beer bottle labels for you... MUHHAHAHAHAHAHAA.... I love that kind of stuff, can you tell????


  2. Hey Sharon.... HOPS to it and let's hear about the retreat!! LOL
    The gallery chants...PICTURES....PICTURES....


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