Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Retreat Day One Continued

After cutting out the pieces and marking them for hand piecing, the fun began. It is so easy to achieve sharp points and set-ins with hand piecing. My preference is not to hand piece any block that can more easily be done by machine--four and nine patches, most blocks without set ins.

After explaining the finer points of pinning (you can see how seriously I take this responsibility), students were off and running.

Paula's flamingos took flight.

Sandy had an ocean/palm trees scene in the center octagon.

Gale had a bold red/purple check fabric for her center, surrounded by green small star points.

Myra (shown below) and Liz (not shown here) both used Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Myra fussy cut a large purple cabbage as her center and then pieced lime green star points around it.

Nancy had an ivory tone-on-tone center ready for applique.

Cindy's mom helped her choose fabrics, so she had a rose print floral as a center, yellow small star points and then a dark rose tone-on-tone for the large star points. Wait til you see this done--we customized a border to really complement the center. Sheila had a patriotic theme going, with a fussy cut center.

Tomorrow I will post pictures from the show and tell session. Fabulous stuff--even some finished projects from prior retreats. Stay tuned!
P.S. For those of you who know I usually wear a jumper and blouse to teach in, you will be shocked--shocked, I say--to discover that I actually wore SHORTS on two days and SKIRTS on two days. I know, I know--the world feels a little different now--and I actually taught a class locally this week in a skirt and blouse! Surprise! I have legs!


  1. I can't even picture it.... Sharon...jumperless..... OH MY!!! Why it's like seeing the Statue of Liberty without her shroud and torch.... Will life ever be the same??? What will the world think?? Goodness what next...stiped spandex and gold lamae????

    ROFL..ok evough teasing you... for now ;)

    Glad you had a fun time and the retreat looks like a super fun adventure..

  2. I think Sheila said it all--I agree--are you going through a mid-life something or other????? Change can be good--some say anyways!! Your posts are always interesting when one reads it all!!!--You get us thinking it;s just a cutndry post on a retreat--then you end it with a bang--that's the way to go--hugs, just, Di


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