Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blame It On The Thong Revisited

Well, the person in question was apparently not too "chicken" to send the pictures! These are an absolute hoot.

If I'm not mistaken, isn't that a rooster modeling the thong? It would certainly explain why the cock crows so early!!!!! (Great recycling project--used oil cans maybe?) Cute thong, too!

Thanks for sharing, oh one who shall remain nameless! You have made my day!

Who knows what lurks for the blog tomorrow? Heh, heh--only me--are you scared yet? Just a little? Just got a little tingle? Okay, back to work for me!



  1. My niece use to scandalize the neighbors by hanging her thong undies on the clothesline...she just had her first baby and has discovered that thongs are no longer comfortable. I had to send her this posting!! Kelly


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