Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lily of the Valley

Several years ago I spent some time with the Feather Princesses, a chapter of The Applique Society, in the Tampa, Florida, area. These ladies are very serious about their applique and it shows in their workmanship.

Elaine C. was in the Lily of the Valley class and she recently sent me this picture.

It is always thrilling to see finished projects from classes--and this is no exception. Elaine added the embroidered stamens to the pattern I provided, which is based on a Nancy Cabot design. Students learned how to form 1/8 inch stems, appli-piece leaves, backstitch embroidery and so much more. The use of the black background really makes these yellow flowers pop! Great job, Elaine! Thanks so much for sharing.

Sorry I didn't post last night; by the time I got home it was after midnight, so I decided to take a bye. On a totally unrelated note, have you tried coconut M&Ms? Delish!!!!

Loved Julie and Julia! What is it about Stanley Tucci? I remember liking him in Shall We Dance, but this was even better! Apparently Meryl Streep asked for him specifically! And I just sat and watched the movie--not even knitting!

Goodnight for now!




  1. Hey Sharon. I started watching Julie and Julia with an embroidery project in my hands...half way through the movie I realized I had only managed to pull the thread through the needle -- no stitching completed.
    Check out my blog for the new family member! Kelly


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