Friday, August 6, 2010

Blame It On The Thong

On Thursday, these five women and I had the best time! We rotary cut and laughed. We machine pieced and pressed and we laughed. The thong part comes from when I was telling them about the local farm/feed store carrying a thong made for horseback riding. And then one of these five seemingly innocent women admitted to having a thong. She was supposed to send me a picture of said thong for this post, but I think she chickened out. (Now, get your mind out of the was just a picture of the thong, not her in wonder she was afraid!)

One of the ladies was new to quilting and you could see her just blossoming as her skills increased. One is making the quilt for her son, who turns seven; one is making it for her family and chose fabrics and colors outside her comfort zone. One is going to be a comfort quilt for a family member. It was one of those days that will long live in my memory as so special. Thank you, ladies! You are the best!

On a different topic, check out this blog:

You may have seen Jay's name in the comments on my blog and this is a blog post from Japan about him! You'll see why I am so proud to call him my friend.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of what I did today! In the mean time, you can make up your own stories about why we are "blaming it on the thong!" You might even share them with us--okay, maybe not!

Hugs til tomorrow,


  1. Hi Sharon, Boy oh boy! You know it's getting wild when there's a thong involved. (GRIN) Hugs, Jay

  2. Sharon - a great blog! and a great introduction to Jay... and I wish I could have been at the class! Kathleen from CA


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