Friday, August 20, 2010

Quilting Retreat 2010 Part 3

Nancy with blues, golds, creams and reds. Stunning! Nancy is very quiet and works diligently, but she is a barrel of fun! Don't let that quiet demeanor fool you!
Lucille probably had the hardest time putting her top together. She had directional prints which she had fussy cut, plus her fabrics were not distinctly light and dark. It captured the Adirondack theme beautifully, and the eye is drawn in to see all the detail.

This was Kay's first ever retreat! She thought that I was running a sweat shop and was a bit apprehensive! She recovered quickly and did a fabulous job! (The blurry picture is strictly my fault--her quilt is not a bit fuzzy!) Don't you love the dark green ferny border with the prairie points against it? Many fabrics were auditioned before deciding on the green--the perfect choice!

Cindy's choice of golds, rusts, creams and greens gave a sharp, crisp flavor to her piece. The top row of prairie points was taking a rest during the photo shoot--they really are there! And what a happy smile! Well done, Cindy!

The enigmatic Kathleen peeking from behind her top! Kathleen had the unfortunate dryer incident--she was almost to Lake George when she realized her light fabric was in the dryer at home! Several hours behind her! Quilters to the rescue. Lights were offered from all quarters and Kathleen was off and running. The addition of the purply-pink was inspired and made the quilt really sparkle.

Myra's finished top was already on the table and buttons were being auditioned before I could catch her with the camera. The border is a soft gray green that is the perfect backdrop for the darker green prairie points. Myra chose to do a variety of colored buttons on the white squares--the perfect addition.

Tomorrow will be the final chapter for the retreat. It is so much fun to relive the experience we had at Wiawaka. Friends, quilting, chocolate, fabulous surroundings--the perfect combination.

Hugs to all,

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