Monday, August 2, 2010

Check These Out!

These are the coolest things!

First is a new ChapStick - Fresh Effects in refreshing mandarin. It makes your lips tingle and it tastes great! Still a bit hard to find, but definitely worth looking for.
Last night I had mentioned the color catchers. Here's what the box looks like to help you find it. Usually in the laundry/softener/pretreater aisle.

This stuff is so fabulous, I just can't say enough! I had a couple shirts with set-in stains (that I had tried to pretreat before previous washings--obviously unsuccessfully). So as a last ditch effort and with a thought of Billy Mays, here's what I got:

You can treat up to a week ahead of washing, or use it immediately. Here's what the cap looks like. You push down on it to release the product and then use the knobby things on the top to rub it in! My tube is almost gone--but no worries, I have another on stand-by. The gel is blue.

As always, absolutely no money was given to me for my endorsements. I wonder how I get on the endorsement bandwagon? Oh, well, my integrity is still intact ;-)

That's it for tonight. I am going to get something to eat and sit and watch Julie and Julia on DVD. Perhaps finish the gusset decreases on the sock I'm working on and maybe get a start on the foot. Or perhaps I will simply sit and look at the screen. It's really a toss-up at the moment.



  1. I spent yesterday cutting, cutting, cutting and last night I'm afraid the tv won out. I didn't even read at the same time for a change! Must have been really tired!
    Lurking Linda

  2. Wow - you tire me out just reading this. Right now I'm working on a Fun n Done quilt. Not sure I'm liking this pattern that I started with - it's a crazy quilt pattern. Can't let good fabric go to waste.


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