Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is This You?

Do you have your head stuck in the water? (Yes, I know it is traditionally sand, but just play along.)

Are you asleep on your feet?

Holiday pressures making you grumpy?

Almost came to fisticuffs over that last--insert item here--you found at the mall?

Then take a break and reflect on how lucky we all are. It's easy to think "oh woe is me" at any time of the year, but Christmas seems to make it all seem worse. Look around, you will see someone who is far worse off than you are. We all have a gift that can be given freely, costs nothing, but spreads warmth and good cheer wherever we go--the smile! So spread it around. Let's see if we can brighten up some grumpy faces! At the very least, people will wonder what we are smiling about!

Sending smiles your way!



  1. HI Sharon, What a great post! I'm smiling! I love the wonderful flamingo pics, but then you knew that I would. Big HUGS, Jay

  2. Smiling... thanks Sharon and Merry Christmas !

  3. Smiling back at ya!


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