Monday, December 26, 2011

One Giant Tree

Tonight my family and I went to a friend's house to see her lights and tree.  Outside she has over 80,000 lights and displays!  People drive purposely to see the display!

But this is her inside tree:  WOW!  Here is it with just the tree lights for illumination.

And here it is using flash.  Now...believe it or not...this tree is 7.5 feet tall and--wait for it--8.5 feet wide at its fullest!  Hard to imagine!  There are 700 lights on it and what must be tons of tinsel.  The tinsel is placed in almost pyramid-like shapes which overlap, creating almost a gossamer net effect.

Truly beautiful!  How's your holiday afterglow?  I've spent the day reading (Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell) and napping, and hand sewing binding on a large wallhanging that you'll see soon.

Holiday hugs,

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